Monthly Archives: January 2015

Dyeing and other matters

Thank you to Avril and Carol for a very enjoyable dyeing session yesterday. They showed us two different methods of dyeing silk with silk paints/dyes. My results are not the best of the bunch, but they are the ones I have photos of. And can I remind you about the Refuge Quilts day next Wednesday, Feb 4th, 11am to 3pm; this is open to anyone, not just Chalford Stitchers. We will be doing hand-sewing [the … Continue reading Dyeing and other matters

The Wonders of Chichester

Last week I was in Chichester and saw some wonderful, and very different, textiles. At the Pallant House gallery there is an exhibition on Conscience and Conflict. A part of that is a textile banner of Picasso’s Guernica, sewn by various community groups and coordinated by, among others, my friend Maude Casey. If you are interested and want to find out more you can Google the gallery or follow the link to Guernica on our … Continue reading The Wonders of Chichester