Monthly Archives: February 2015

Fancy a trip to Monmouth?

Hello … I just thought I would say a few words about “The Cotton Angel” patchwork shop in Monmouth (2 Church Street, tel 01600713548). I found the fabrics bright and interesting and there was a good selection, with knitting things too. It all added to a pleasant day out. I’ve since wondered if we might get a “trip” together, when the weather is perhaps more conducive and Sue is back… Avril [Fran speaking now.] It … Continue reading Fancy a trip to Monmouth?

More news from Sue

We have had more news from Sue in snowy Boston. Doesn’t it sound fun? Here is what she says: “Fill pantyhose with salt , toss onto roof and wait for it to melt a channel in ice so hopefully water will run down channel and save roof from collapse. In this neighbour’s case it was too late as their eaves had already collapsed. This is my next move. Aren’t you glad you are not here, Love … Continue reading More news from Sue

Email from Sue in Boston

Hi. I shan’t say wish you were here for obvious reasons. It has been a real eye opener living in  a proper winter in the city. Takes 10 minutes just to get dressed to take a short walk and then it’s look out for snow ploughs, falling snow and icicles and black ice. No wonder my daughter wants to move from here. She is doing well , still on 4 hourly pain meds, but feeling … Continue reading Email from Sue in Boston

The group moves forward

We had an interesting and important session today. At coffee time we had a go-round, giving everyone present [17, I think, out of the 21 people on the books] a chance to say what they like about the group, and anything they find problematic. The main thing everyone agreed on was how friendly and welcoming the group is – ‘generous’, and ‘stimulating’ were two other words used. People also took up the opportunity to talk … Continue reading The group moves forward