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Email from Sue Kerton

Sue has sent an email from the US with a photo of a quilt a friend of hers is stitching. She says in her email: “I thought you might enjoy seeing the quilt one of my friends is making for her husband. It is so North West American where there is much huntin, shootin and fishin! Very different from our quilting. Extremely hot here now so eating too much ice cream. Looking forward to a … Continue reading Email from Sue Kerton

News update for March

Our next exhibition is on May 6th and 7th. We already have quite a lot of bags and cushions and other small items to sell – but more is good. We also have quite a number of quilts to show [and donate to the refuge] or to show and bring home again. But, again, more would be welcome. If you need fabric or a backing, you can always look in our stash in the attic … Continue reading News update for March

Next group project

We have a plan to make a hanging for the village hall, to be ready to exhibit at the show in May. If you want to be involved, you need to make an A5 size stitched picture [representational or abstract] on the theme of the Stroud district/valleys. It can be crocheted, embroidered, quilted… but should be landscape in orientation, ie the longer sides should go sideways not up-and-down. We will agree how to edge them, … Continue reading Next group project

Christmas trees and plans for a quilt

Chalford Stitchers contributed to the Christmas tree festival at St Laurence Church in Stroud, again. We made three trees, or rather helped with the making. Janet did the bulk of the hard work. Each one was different, and each one was lovely in its own way. Now the festival is over we are going to offer one of the trees to the Refuge and one to the Refugee Aid Shop in Stroud. The third is going to … Continue reading Christmas trees and plans for a quilt

Tables rota

As most people now know, the group has decided to enlarge the making-coffees rota to include putting out and taking down the tables at the start and end of the session. (Everybody does their own chair though.) We have drawn up a rota, which we will keep in the village hall. Can you have a look to see when your name is down for – it will appear roughly every two months. If the date … Continue reading Tables rota

Making plans, getting efficient

We have been talking about the show in October and have agreed to get (or continue) making things to sell, whether via a tombola or other means: cushions, bags, pot holders, tissue holders, whatever your fancy suggests. And having been donated a bag of shirting scraps (and I mean scraps) we have also decided to make a group quilt or two using these scraps – probably a log cabin, possibly a chevron quilt. To be … Continue reading Making plans, getting efficient

A Jumble of News

We have so far given about 4 quilts and 8 cushions to the Furniture Bank who are collecting household goods for the Syrian refugees moving into the Stroud District this year. And I have another 9 cushions which I hope to deliver tomorrow. The first family is due next month but accommodation is in short supply, so if you know anyone with a flat or house to let, please tell me [Fran] and I will … Continue reading A Jumble of News


We had a session on Wednesday this week making bags and cushions for the Haven. We managed to use up some of the furnishing fabric we have been given and have tidied up/binned the remaining bits. Sue Kerton is taking these, and some quilts, to our Haven contact, for them to use or sell as they see fit.   Next year our first Wednesday session will focus on starting a group quilt. Sue Kerton has arranged for us … Continue reading Update

October News

Today we counted the garments we have made for Dress a Girl. We have made 21 dresses and 3 pairs of shorts – see the dresses on the washing line below. Many have a crocheted bear in the pocket, made by Sue Collins. We have also started making plans for out Skills Share weekend on November 7th and 8th. Kath is going to coordinate the offerings with Sue Kerton and draw up a plan. Outsiders are welcome … Continue reading October News

Dress a Girl Around the World

Yesterday, Wed 16th September, we had a day session in Chalford Village Hall making dresses and shorts for street children, to be distributed by the organisation called Dress a Girl Around the World. We used very simple patterns, which allowed us to work quite quickly and get a sense of achievement from the day. As the photos show, there was a good atmosphere in the hall and we finished about 10 items. We now have a box … Continue reading Dress a Girl Around the World