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Sewing projects.

News update for March

Our next exhibition is on May 6th and 7th. We already have quite a lot of bags and cushions and other small items to sell – but more is good. We also have quite a number of quilts to show [and donate to the refuge] or to show and bring home again. But, again, more would be welcome. If you need fabric or a backing, you can always look in our stash in the attic … Continue reading News update for March

Nursery aprons for the Haven

Today, April 20th, some of us met in the village hall to start on the 15 aprons the Haven has asked us to make for their nursery age children. Sue Kerton, who told us about this, said “Theirs are threadbare and they could use up to 15 for activities and kitchen use when children are playing. About 20″ long, 14″ wide with simple loop at neck and tie waist.” We have made a pattern from a piece … Continue reading Nursery aprons for the Haven

Easter News

We had a productive monthly Wednesday making wonky houses recently. I’m annoyed I don’t have any photos of the blocks we made. We can keep making these blocks, cut to 12 ½ inches square, and will then make them up into as many quilts as we can. So keep stitching, folks. We have dates for monthly Wednesdays after Easter: April 20th, May 11th and June 22nd. As we have a show coming up in the … Continue reading Easter News

Time for a bit of a rant…

This is why I try to use organic cotton when I can… “The World Health Organisation estimates that 20,000 to 40,000 people die from accidental pesticide poisoning each year, most of them in developing countries. It is safe to assume that many of them are cotton farmers. A Pesticide Action Network survey documented 65 deaths in only two districts of Benin during the 2001 cotton growing season; 10 were children under 10.” [quote from the … Continue reading Time for a bit of a rant…

Fancy a trip to Monmouth?

Hello … I just thought I would say a few words about “The Cotton Angel” patchwork shop in Monmouth (2 Church Street, tel 01600713548). I found the fabrics bright and interesting and there was a good selection, with knitting things too. It all added to a pleasant day out. I’ve since wondered if we might get a “trip” together, when the weather is perhaps more conducive and Sue is back… Avril [Fran speaking now.] It … Continue reading Fancy a trip to Monmouth?

The Wonders of Chichester

Last week I was in Chichester and saw some wonderful, and very different, textiles. At the Pallant House gallery there is an exhibition on Conscience and Conflict. A part of that is a textile banner of Picasso’s Guernica, sewn by various community groups and coordinated by, among others, my friend Maude Casey. If you are interested and want to find out more you can Google the gallery or follow the link to Guernica on our … Continue reading The Wonders of Chichester

African memories

Debbie, one of our part-time members, has at last finished a quilt she has spent ages making for her daughter’s wedding present. The quilt captures important memories of their time in Africa when the daughter was a child. She has used a mixture of piecing and applique. The panel on the back of the quilt is a teatowel which Debbie’s daughter used to love. Debbie hs enhanced it with embroidery. Debbie brought the quilt in to show … Continue reading African memories

A visit worth making

I’ve just been to see the exhibition at Hookhouse Pottery near Tetbury. I mainly went to see Louise Watson’s pictorial embroidery work, which is always a delight. I particularly liked her napkins embroidered with flowers and butterflies. But there are also pots, paintings, baskets, wood turnings and jewellery. I bought a lovely blue necklace by Jean French. The garden is open too, for the National Gardens Scheme, and tea, and no doubt cakes, are available. The … Continue reading A visit worth making

Unfinished –> finished

Next Thursday,  May 1st, bring your unfinished projects to the village hall. Half-made quilts, abandoned embroideries, one sock of a pair, even some fabric or wool that you never quite got round to starting work on. Then anyone in the group who is inspired to finish something can claim it and finish it, however they want – cut it up, dye it, add tassels, knit it a border, turn it into a hotty cover… The … Continue reading Unfinished –> finished