21 Quilts and blankets!

That’s how many we handed over yesterday to Angela, for the women’s refuge. Well done everybody. We also gave them some cushions, and two towels.

There was a good turn-out in the morning, when Angela came, and six of us stayed on for lunch and to continue working on quilts in the afternoon. As we sat at lunch we tentatively booked another day for working on refuge quilts: June 11th. But Kath needs to check the hall is free then. I will put the confirmed date on the Upcoming Events page in due course.

While Angela was with us we talked about the possibility of having a show of quilts made just for the refuge, maybe in the Sub Rooms in Stroud. The aim would be to provide publicity for the Beresford group, and hopefully sign people up to make regular small donations. I think the idea is great, but the cost of booking a space may be prohibitive.

Another idea that came up yesterday was making simple tote bags to sell in aid of the refuge, either at such an event, or simply at our next Chalford exhibition in May 2015. I have set aside various bits of our fabric that are a bit thick for quilts but would be good for bags. Maybe in the autumn we could devote one of our refuge days to making loads of bags to sell.

I took photos of the quilts and blankets we handed over and will put them on the Gallery page of the website soon.

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