A Jumble of News

We have so far given about 4 quilts and 8 cushions to the Furniture Bank who are collecting household goods for the Syrian refugees moving into the Stroud District this year.

IMG_0213 IMG_0217


And I have another 9 cushions which I hope to deliver tomorrow. The first family is due next month but accommodation is in short supply, so if you know anyone with a flat or house to let, please tell me [Fran] and I will pass on the info.


Various people connected with local refugee support have expressed admiration and appreciation for our efforts.

Chalford Village Hall and the Stitchers are hosting a Jumble Sale to raise money for RefugeeAid Stroud. You can find out about the organisation, and see their announcement of our jumble sale, on their website http://refugeeaid-stroud.org/index.php/events/

Basically, they support refugees further afield, and because the organisers are all volunteers, and have contacts abroad who are also volunteers, all donations go straight to where it is needed with none taken off for salaries or overheads.

On Wednesday a small group of us met at the village hall and had fun making things. Sue Kerton finished the quilt top she has been making with our help.


And Kath and I worked on this banner which we will hang outside on the railings to advertise the sale for a few days beforehand.


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