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I have finally managed to put a new ‘gallery’ on the photo gallery page showing photos from the show earlier this month. It was quite a challenge technically, as I do it so rarely I forget in between whiles how to do it.  I think we can be very proud of all the lovely quilts. And I know the refuge and furniture bank [who furnish the refugees’ homes] are pleased as punch with the ones we donated to them.

This month has been big in another way — we won a ‘merit’ at Malvern with our hexagon lozenge quilt. So well done to all involved, and thanks to those who took photos of it.

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  1. Lovely to see the quilt as it was exhibited at Malvern. If I hadn’t been away I would have liked to have seen it insitu, but well done to all involved especially those who inspired us and those who put it all together. Nice to know Sue Kertin was able to see it in USA…..Avril

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