Diary dates

There is a  ‘diary’ on the noticeboard in the village hall showing our important dates. this is what it shows:                                          

Thur    Oct 23rd     sewing 10.30–1.00

Thur    Oct 30th     sewing 10.30–1.00

Thur    Nov 6th       sewing 10.30–1.00
We’ll plan the display for show – bring any ‘unfinished’ items

 Thur    Nov 13th    sewing 10.30–1.00
West of England Show, Nov 13th–15th

Thur    Nov 20th    sewing 10.30–1.00

WED    Nov 26th    Refuge quilts 11.00–3.00
Bring anything you’ve made for the Christmas tree today or tomorrow

Thur    Nov 27th    sewing 10.30–1.00

Thur    Dec 4th       sewing 10.30–1.00
Christmas tree festival, St Laurence church, Nov 30th – Dec 7th

 Thur    Dec 11th     sewing 10.30–1.00
Angela from the refuge is coming for a handover – BRING ANYTHING YOU’VE MADE FOR THE REFUGE (but we’ll keep plenty of it back for the show in May)

Thur   Dec 18th      sewing 10.30–1.00

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