Dyeing and other matters

Thank you to Avril and Carol for a very enjoyable dyeing session yesterday. They showed us two different methods of dyeing silk with silk paints/dyes. My results are not the best of the bunch, but they are the ones I have photos of.

And can I remind you about the Refuge Quilts day next Wednesday, Feb 4th, 11am to 3pm; this is open to anyone, not just Chalford Stitchers. We will be doing hand-sewing [the simplified log cabin design of children’s quilt, using muted colours] and there is heaps of material for making bags and cushions for the show in May – if you bring a machine. If you aim to be there over lunch, bring a sandwich or something to eat.

And another reminder: next Thursday, at our usual stitching session, we are going to spend some time discussing the group, how it’s run, and where it is going – especially what people like about it or might want slightly different. I shall use the opportunity to suggest that we have a small group to plan and run the exhibition in May. And we definitely need to address the question of size, as the group has doubled in size in under 3 years.

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  1. What a great time we had on Thursday afternoon, learning all about silk dyeing. The results of our efforts were all very different colour wise and very satisfying. A big thank you to Avril and Carol for sharing their skills with us.

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