Embroidery plans

Yesterday, September 7th, the group discussed how to organise the embroidery class/group that we have talked about. I will list below what I think we agreed. If anyone thinks otherwise, or wants to suggest changes, please feel free to do so.

  • The sessions will take place on the first Thursday of every month. So the first one will be October 5th, then November 2nd, December 7th etc.
  • They will just be part of our usual Thursday mornings. So anyone can join in, or not, as they choose.
  • On the first session the idea is that people bring any books that inspire them, or simply books of stitches. This can provide a talking point and, hopefully, a starting point.
  • Obviously people can choose what to do, as this is a very open group and not a class with a syllabus. But some people may want to start with a sampler, as an opportunity to learn and practise some embroidery stitches – as plain or fancy as you like. One model is Fran’s – smallish squares marked out on even weave fabric, and a different stitch in each. Another model is Sylvia’s – a different stitch for each month of the year, done by stitching for 15 minutes every day in a different thread. Or choose/invent any other sampler you like.
  • [I shall try to remember to send along my samplers, as I won’t be there. It would be great if Sylvia could lend hers too.]
  • If you want to start with a sampler, one thing to do would be to get some even weave fabric and a fairly large hoop, and some embroidery threads [though we have lots of those in our cupboard].
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And I think that’s it.

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