Exhibiting at St Laurence’s Church, Stroud next January

I have been in email contact with Malcolm King, the rector at St Laurence’s, and have agreed in principle that we can have a show of quilts [and blankets] next January, especially made for the Women’s Refuge. Malcolm says “We are in the process of re-ordering St Laurence, and we hope that soon we shall be in a position to host exhibitions and concerts in a much more flexible space.”

It took us 8 months to make the 21 quilts and blankets we handed over in May. And January is 8 months away from May. So if we get our skates on we should manage another 20-ish items for the exhibition.

Meanwhile, we still plan our own exhibition, in Chalford Village Hall, in the second half of May 2015. So don’t give up on your own projects too!

Happy stitching,


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