How it went

It went well. Very well. We raised £1259.55 for our charities, and donated over 30 quilts and blankets to the refuge (which had been on display in the church). I don’t know how many visitors came but it could be as many as 300.

There is a selection of images from the show on the Gallery page.

Now we need to think about when to have our next show and what to do next, until then. some ideas:

  • plan one or more workshops
  • make miniature quilts for Quilt Around the World
  • make more quilts for the refuge (who are keen to have more)
  • make quilts for Project Linus
  • make dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World

And what ideas have you folks up your sleeves?

One thought on “How it went

  1. Missed the day when it was decided to make “wonky houses” quilts, but really pleased to hear that’s on the our radar!
    Having seen Caroline’s elephant (no,not a real one!) I wondered if we have a Tombola sometime in the future if it would be an idea to have either an elephant theme or more general animals, cats spring to mind as being popular. Maybe they could be toys, cushions or hangings. I would be interested to know what others think…..x Avril

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