Making plans, getting efficient

We have been talking about the show in October and have agreed to get (or continue) making things to sell, whether via a tombola or other means: cushions, bags, pot holders, tissue holders, whatever your fancy suggests.


And having been donated a bag of shirting scraps (and I mean scraps) we have also decided to make a group quilt or two using these scraps – probably a log cabin, possibly a chevron quilt. To be decided. We will start work on these on the next all-day Wednesday, which is on June 22nd. Of course you can come to the day and work on something else. The last group quilts, the wonky houses, got done quite quickly so there is reason to expect, or anyway hope, that these will too.

And the last thing to announce is that the group has decided to enlarge the making-coffees rota to include putting out and taking down the tables at the start and end of the session. We have drawn up a rota, which we will keep in the village hall. Can you have a look to see when your name is down for – it will appear roughly every two months. If the date or dates don’t suit you, can you arrange a swap with someone, and note the changes on the rota itself.

That’s all for now folks.

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