Meet Ingrid

Meet Ingrid,  the latest member of Chalford Stitchers. She is part of the Chalford Scarecrow Trail running from now till  6th April.

Ingrid is very excited as she has a brand new (the paint was still wet ) sewing machine (note the new make of machine). Her thimble is carefully placed on her manicured nails and she is wearing a zipper necklace and button bracelet.

Ingrid is very thrifty and is using a pair of scissors rescued from the scrap bin; she has had her hair coloured especially for the event and decided to complete her look with an eyebrow stud.

My youngest grandson had much pleasure in making her pin cushion, whilst his elder brother painted the sign.



4 thoughts on “Meet Ingrid

  1. How nice to meet Ingrid on “t’internet”, I ‘m sure she”ll be most welcome at meetings especially with pink hair and an eyebrow stud! Perhaps we should all get the look!
    Well done Sylvia and your grandsons, it’s great and I look forward to introducing my grandchildren to her “in real life?” as my five year old grandaughter often asks……Avril

    1. Hello Avril,

      Thank you for your nice comments. Make your self and your grand children known when you are passing .

    2. Thank you Sylvia for introducing me to our new mutual neighbour Ingrid, I’m sure she will be an asset to the group – Word has it that she is extremely talented?

  2. Hi Ingrid
    I am back from my Boston visit and looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group tomorrow!

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