Money, money

Chalford’s Jumble Sale today has made £352.74 so far. There is a bit more to come in from selling unwanted textiles, plus we have some boxes of the best leftovers for the shop. Success. Thanks to all who helped, or spent their money there.

It was lots of hard work, but we have enabled other Stroud folk to help the refugees in Calais, Dunkirk and beyond. And we have also provided lots of Stuff with new homes rather then sending it to landfill.

For more info on what is happening to refugees and how we can help, see the refugee aid website

Or join their Facebook page.


By the way, the cushion illustrating this post on the website is one made for the Stroud refugees who, as far as I know, have not moved in quite yet.

2 thoughts on “Money, money

  1. That’s a great result, particular thanks should go to all the people who set it up on Friday, it must have been quite a challenge to know where to begin. Well done.

  2. Excellent result – what a good team effort Ladies.
    Thanks also go to John for sorting and keeping control of the book department!

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