More quilts handed over to the refuge

Yesterday our group did another handover: 13 quilts, 8 blankets, some miniature Christmas stockings, some cards [for the refuge to sell], a cheque, and some cash to buy chocolates to go in the stockings. Well done us.

The photos of the quilts and blankets are on the Photo Gallery page. Though we didn’t photograph every blanket, as some were so alike.

Angela Lamond came from the refuge to receive the donations, and told us a bit more about the work they do.  You can see how grateful they are by looking at the Friends’ website.

Angela explained that in some circumstances it is not appropriate to give someone a quilt and in those cases they will try to sell a quilt to raise some cash for that person. We said that anyone in our group who does not want their quilt sold can tell Angela, and she will make sure it isn’t sold. but those of us who were at the meeting were happy to have our quilts used however the refuge sees fit. Kath made one or two suggestions about how to use a quilt as a fund-raiser — having much experience of doing that.

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