Unfinished –> finished

Next Thursday,  May 1st, bring your unfinished projects to the village hall. Half-made quilts, abandoned embroideries, one sock of a pair, even some fabric or wool that you never quite got round to starting work on. Then anyone in the group who is inspired to finish something can claim it and finish it, however they want – cut it up, dye it, add tassels, knit it a border, turn it into a hotty cover…

The plan is to photograph the unfinished objects, and display the photos together with the completed objects at our stall at the West Country Quilt Show this November.

100_4157 100_4156

3 thoughts on “Unfinished –> finished

  1. Having missed the last couple of Thursday morning sessions it was good to catch up with thirteen other members this morning (24/4) lots of laughter and ideas.
    I do however need to apologise for misleading information. The programme on radio 4 I was struggling to remember was “A Gripping Yarn” with JANE GARVEY. I listened again and found it interesting.

  2. It’s surprisingly hard to abandon unfinished “masterpieces” but parting with impulse bought materials might just be a relief!
    Have just been looking at The Patchwork Basket (Newent) site and have noted two exhibitions, one in June at Highnam Community centre on June the 7th and 8th, and another for Ledbury quilters at Tarrington Village Hall on 4th and 5th of October. I love this part of the world and would be willing to drive if I’m “available”…….Avril

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