Unfinished projects

This week I went to New Brewery Arts in Cirencester to visit the Unfinishables exhibition: knitted jumper arms, but no jumper; half-made patchwork quilts; embroideries that never got completed… and the stories behind why these things never got finished. The exhibition is on until the 27th April and is well worth a visit.

I thought it might be interesting to have an Unfinishables project of our own. Everybody could provide one or more unfinished projects of their own – even just the wool or fabric that was bought then never made into anything. We could lay them all out and talk about them, then each take one thing home (if inspired to do so) to finish in some way – not necessarily the way originally intended. So part of a jumper might become a cushion, or an incomplete embroidery might become a greetings card.

What do you think, folks? We could even make it a feature of our next exhibition.

2 thoughts on “Unfinished projects

  1. What a great idea. I’m sure we all have unfinished projects that have been put back in the cupboard ‘for another day/time’ Could be interesting girls??

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