Water, water everywhere…

Yesterday nine of us met together for an all-day workshop on textile landscapes with a watery theme. Claire Taylor-Jones (a local lass from Gloucester) was the teacher. Claire showed us a range of her water-themed hangings and talked about how she makes them. I had assured her that our group members might want to do their own thing, and that she shouldn’t assume we would all want to make the same thing. But in the event, we all chose to do a strip weaving, though the results are all going to be very different.


I have read about strip weaving, and been intrigued, but never tried it – it is much easier to learn a technique from another person than from a book. The teacher is on hand to prevent you cutting the wrong bit, or tackling the tasks in the wrong order, or stitching down the wrong bits. And it is invaluable having a teacher, and other students, around to help in those important decisions about which colour looks best, what the piece needs to brighten it up, whether the balance is right…


I really enjoyed the work. As a quilter, it is fun to get away from sensible cottons and instead play with gauze and satin and shiny synthetic fabrics that my granny would have thought very vulgar! And I love any chance to get out my decorative threads and play.

One of the things Claire talked about in her introduction was printing on fabric, and she offered us the opportunity to try some printing as part of our creations (some of her works included fishy images which she had stamped on). But I think we were all too busy with the weaving to have time for it. Maybe that is a topic for another half-day workshop in the autumn?

No-one finished their pieces so the photos so far show work in progress. Watch this space for photos of the finished products, in due course.

100_5136 100_5137 100_5135


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