We finished them

We exhibited out Finished Unfinishables at the West of England show last week. The favourite item on our stand while I [Fran] was there was definitely Avril’s elephant. We made £40 by selling cards in aid of the refuge.

I think we were the only group bold enough to exhibit an unfinished quilt – the hexagons Kath has been working on.

Meanwhile, Jane and Sue went to Montpelier Quilters Exhibition on Saturday and really enjoyed the quilts and wonderful cakes! “We met Jean Hunt from Abigail’s Crafts who started several of our group on the quilting path years ago.
My favorite quilt was called Lulu’s quilt and depicted country scenes with appliquéd tiny cyclists riding along lanes and plump ponies leaping over hedges. Very cute!”

Fran and Sue

IMG_1008 IMG_1014 IMG_1018 IMG_1022 IMG_1025


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