A message from the New World

Hi to all at Chalford Stitchers.
Just visited a marvellous quilt shop, fabrics to die for and every sort of stitching aid under the sun. I signed up for a 5-hour workshop on crazy quilting in their air conditioned studio. Really just an excuse to escape the heat… nearly 90 today! Some really beautiful quilts in the shop, came away inspired and a little daunted. Have completed the top of a small quilt for the refuge out of leftovers from a kit and started paper piecing some scraps of liberty fabric.
Also I have been given some silk threads on wooded bobbins, some really tiny. If anyone is interested I will squeeze them in my suitcase and hand them over in Sept.
Miss you all but having fun.





3 thoughts on “A message from the New World

  1. I am a friend of Sue Kerton’s over here on the other side of the pond. I have been enjoying reading about you stitching group. I am hopeful to someday meet all of you in person. Until then , stitch on. sending stitching hugs 0000

    1. Hi Paula…I have only just read Sue’s American news, and she’s now back in the UK, but am very glad she has friends in the USA. It would be very good to have you visit our group in France Lynch. What are you working on at the moment? Regards Avril (Chalford Stitchers)

  2. I’m a friend of Paula Dasher here in the New World, and Sue is a welcome friend in our little stitching group! It’s so lovely to have her here for part of the year; our chats over coffee are always enjoyable, and the inspiration can reach new heights when we get together. I’m sure it’s much the same when your group gets together–happy stitching!

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