Email from Sue in Boston

Snow in Boston
Snow in Boston

I shan’t say wish you were here for obvious reasons. It has been a real eye opener living in  a proper winter in the city. Takes 10 minutes just to get dressed to take a short walk and then it’s look out for snow ploughs, falling snow and icicles and black ice. No wonder my daughter wants to move from here.

She is doing well , still on 4 hourly pain meds, but feeling better each day. As the latest blizzard gears up I am sitting in a comfy armchair about to do a bit of gentle stitching until back on nursing duty!

Miss my Thursday mornings at Chalford and your company.

One thought on “Email from Sue in Boston

  1. So nice to hear from Sue Kerton. Hope her daughter is making good progress and both will be able to get out and about soon. Maybe grey skies and rain are not so bad after all, that much snow must be so challenging. All the very best to both and not forgetting Mike here in the UK

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