Email from Sue

Hi everyone,
Well I have flown from being frozen in Boston to being fried in Idaho.
It has been in the 90s since my arrival and there are wild fires dotted all over the region, mostly caused by human error but occasionally by dry lightning. I have been watching my grandson play baseball in the heatwave.
Just returned from my small stitching group here and one of the group had just returned from a train trip cross country to Minnesota to see some of the famous barn quilts. Thought you might enjoy the web site [see below]. One of the other women lives in a log cabin and wants to design and paint a block to put over her door. Will send photos as it progresses!
Best wishes to all at Chalford Stitchers,

2 thoughts on “Email from Sue

  1. The website quoted in Sue’s email is very colourful and well worth a visit. Maybe it will inspire us to decorate a few buildings around Stroud and open up a whole new project for our group. Jean. P.S. I am not going to be the”fixer” up the ladder!

  2. So nice to see the e mail from Sue Kertin and the comment by Jean. Not sure painting the quilts would be any easier or quicker than doing it in fabric, but you’re so right Jean it would be another “Art Form” for the Stroud area! Nothing like that in Austria ( my hols) but the staff at the hotel we stayed at in the countryside all wore the traditional Dirndls and I did see one for sale in Germany which was a “Frozen” version. My grandaughter would’ve loved one but it was around £200!
    Hope the temperature has cooled a little for Sue and she’s enjoying her stay….Avril

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