Hexagon quilt and Refuge Days

We had a relaxed but busy day yesterday making things to sell at the show, in the tombolas: needle cases, cushions and so on. We tried not to mind that it was the sunniest day for a while and that we were indoors.

Today, at stitching, plans were made for the layout of the first hand-stitched hexagon quilt. The photo I will attach to this is for reference purposes so people know how the bits go together.


Also Kath has booked us two more Wednesdays for making things for the show (including for the refuge). These are April 22nd and May 6th, both 11am to 3pm.

One thought on “Hexagon quilt and Refuge Days

  1. Not so much a comment as maybe useful info. I was looking for cellophane bag suppliers this morning and found sales@transpack.co.uk. Although they supply large quantities their tissue, ribbons and cellophane bags look excellent. They would of course be very reasonable if we wanted to split the items between us. Glorious shades of tissue for instance were £14.85 for 480 sheets, feasible if 10 (?) of us shared. Lovely shades of organza ribbon were £3.25 a roll, make up packs of different colours for sale in May?

    Perhaps you would like to take a look?

    Sorry I can’t make 2nd of April, but hope you all have a good Easter x Avril

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