New directions, and old ones

Now we have all more or less recovered form the show, we have had a discussion about where to go next and made some decisions.

  • We will continue to support the Stroud refuge with quilts
  • In the autumn we will resume our monthly Wednesdays when we work together on projects such as refuge quilts (Fran and Kath to sort out some dates)
  • We will use one of these Wednesdays to make children’s clothes for Dress a Girl Around the World and see how it goes. For more info, see
  • We will explore the idea of making children’s quilts for The Haven in Gloucester (Jane to investigate)
  • We will turn round one of the old hangings in the village hall and use its reverse as a display wall where we can show things we have made for a few weeks or months at a time

If you have any other ideas, let’s hear them! Anything legal and sane will be considered.


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