Tables rota

As most people now know, the group has decided to enlarge the making-coffees rota to include putting out and taking down the tables at the start and end of the session. (Everybody does their own chair though.) We have drawn up a rota, which we will keep in the village hall. Can you have a look to see when your name is down for – it will appear roughly every two months. If the date or dates don’t suit you, can you arrange a swap with someone, and note the changes on the rota itself.

The rota until the end of July is as follows:

30 June            Fran Mosley     Avril Warren

07 July             Carol Evans      Kath Leworthy

14 July             June Winter   to be decided

21 July             Carolyn Webb    Sylvia Hammond

28 July             Janet Banstead   Heather Evans

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