The group moves forward

We had an interesting and important session today. At coffee time we had a go-round, giving everyone present [17, I think, out of the 21 people on the books] a chance to say what they like about the group, and anything they find problematic.

The main thing everyone agreed on was how friendly and welcoming the group is – ‘generous’, and ‘stimulating’ were two other words used. People also took up the opportunity to talk about the changes they would like, and if I have got it right we agreed:

  • Kath will continue to do the bookings and manage the money
  • Fran, Janet B and Kath can take turns to open up and lock up, as they are the three key holders
  • We will close the group for the time being, as 20 is as many as the hall can handle
  • We will use the coffee session each Thursday to air issues, exchange information, make requests for help and so on
  • We will have some kind of rota for buying coffee and milk, and making drinks – organised by Stella

We have also set up a small group [Kath, Fran, Stella, Janet G] to organise the exhibition in May and Janet G has offered to do the publicity.

Another important issue we discussed was the health problems some of us have with the chemicals disguised as ‘parfum’ and ‘fragrance’ in so many modern products, including body washes and scents. Obviously this is not something to be insisted on, but those of us who are sensitive would appreciate it very much if group members could use such products with discretion – or not at all – on stitching days.

Just to show what a lovely, talented group we are I shall illustrate this posting with pictures Carol took of the dyeing session last week, which cost those of us who attended a whole £3 each, and which Carol and Avril hosted.

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  1. Last evening I visited the CRICKLADE fritillaries at North Meadow (my first visit) lovely, if a little chilly. As a consequence I came across the website CRICKLADE IN BLOOM which posts the Great Western Embroiderers exhibition gallery. Thought others might like to see it if they haven’t spotted it already. Now back to the sewing machine!!…..X Avril

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