Nursery aprons for the Haven

Today, April 20th, some of us met in the village hall to start on the 15 aprons the Haven has asked us to make for their nursery age children. Sue Kerton, who told us about this, said “Theirs are threadbare and they could use up to 15 for activities and kitchen use when children are playing. About 20″ long, 14″ wide with simple loop at neck and tie waist.”

We have made a pattern from a piece of fabric, which you can cut around [it includes plenty for a turnover all round the edge]. This is pinned up in the hall. And I shall insert a photo of a note one of us made about measurements — spot the deliberate spelling mistake[s]. We have plenty of fabric.

So far we have about 5 made, I think, so there is an opportunity for any one else to have a go, who wants to.



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